27 Jul 2017

While renting a scooter is probably the best way to discover Bangkok during the day, if you plan to experience Thailand’s nightlife, a party vehicle with driver is the best way to enjoy a night out without worrying about who will bring you home afterwards. Moreover, our drivers know the city as their pockets and can lead you to the best-unspoken place of Bangkok. Whether you want to party or simply look for a fun way to move to Bangkok, check here all our party vehicle.

Party bus


Are you tired of bars and looking for another way to party in Bangkok? Party Vehicles provides you with the best way to enjoy a crazy day in Bangkok: The amazing Party Bus! Whether it is for a special occasion, such as a bachelor party or for a simple wacky night out with friends, our Party Bus is the best way to make this party amazingly awesome! Imagine a bus trip to Pattaya, with sexy Thai …Read More

Black Limo

Fancy a crazy night out? You always wanted to feel like a movie star at the back of a stretch limo? Here is the perfect opportunity to do so in Bangkok! We can provide you with the most popular model in the world: the Lincoln Limousine, combining comfort and authentic style. Fully equipped with a luxurious design, this black limo is everything a star in the making has ever dreamed of…Read More


Perfect for a small group looking for a fun and luxurious way to enjoy Bangkok’s nightlife, this black Lincoln limo has everything you could wish for. While not as big as the white super-stretch limo, this vehicle can still carry up to 8 guests in the most stylish way. With its incredible sound system…Read More


If Limos are the most exciting way to roam in Bangkok’s night, and the Party Bus is a fun way to travel outside of Bangkok, maybe you would like to find a vehicle suited for group and able to easily carry you from the airport to your hotel, or directly to the most awesome spots of Bangkok! Our mini-van can transport 8 passengers and is therefore perfectly adapted to medium size group. Why would you hire 2 or 3 taxis for your group while you can enjoy fun …Read More