You are in Bangkok only for a few days but still want to discover the city. If the ratio time by monuments seen is important for you, then here is the perfect deal for you, a tour in Bangkok! We can provide you a scooter and a driver who can drive you safely to the most important monuments of Bangkok. Therefore you can enjoy the city from th back of a scooter, the fastest way to travel in the city. Our day tour last approximately from 10am to 5pm and will allow you to discover the wonders of Thailand’s capital. Our night tour start with a dinner at 7pm and is aimed to provide you an amazing night out by discovering how Thai party !


Start an adventurous bike-tour around Bangkok from Erawan Shrine at 10 am in the morning. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel in advance and drop you off to all the important spots of your tour, allowing you to experience Bangkok and its main attractions from the back of a scooter! Erawan Shrine near Central World department store around Chitlom corner. You will see a lot of Thai people coming there to pay respect.

 If you are into photography, it is possible to go to BTS spot overlooking Erawan Shrine to take some bird-eye-view from the top. The second spot worth stopping is at Wat Sa Ket(Golden Mount Temple) where is also great for real Thai culture temple experience. You will need to climb up over 300 steps to reach to the top (extraordinary Bangkok view spot). The gilded pagoda is 260 feet or 80 meters in height. During the way up, you will find rows of bells which you can be rung for goodluck. For foreigners, you will need to pay 20 baht entrance fee (They usually use money as donation to renovate the temple) however, it will be worth it!

After exploring Golden Mount, you might probably get very hungry. Don’t worry, as you continue bike-ride through Giant Swing and Democracy Monument, you will find random food stands everywhere, or you can stop by Royal Palace and Pak Klong Market, and especially, Chinatown, there are plenty of food there as well! Chinatown also very well-known among the night-eaters who get hungry and crave good street food when the sun goes down!

Wat Pho is also another famous temple in Bangkok that worth checking out. Wat Pho is one of the largest temples in complexed Bangkok, can be reached within 10 mins walk from Grand Palace. Inside the temple, you will find a world-famous reclining Buddha that measured 46 metres long, the temple surrounded by more than 1,000 Buddha images, 91 Chedis, and 16 gates inside temple complexed. Here is also where the traditional and original Thai massage is being taught and practiced.


Night Time Bike-Tour

Bangkok motorbike tour is not only for during the day, it is also possible at night time. Especially if you want to party all night safely. Indeed our driver will take from your hotel to the beginning of your tour, and bring you to different spots during the whole night! Are you ready to see different sides of Bangkok?
First up, around 7pm, take the ride through Sukhumvit and Nana road to ‘Oskar Bistro’ bar and
restaurant. Many foreigners and Thais go there to have a good hearty dinner and maybe some
good wine. In SukhumvitSoi 11, you will find a lot of bars and night clubs. My favourite place to go after 10.30 pm is ‘Havana Social’ (Soi 13) where you can enjoy good Spanish music and dance for a bit. But beware, the place is a little bit discreet! Normally, the night-goers need a phone code to enter inside the club, but no need to worry about that. Iron Fairies is a bit further away at 7.1 km or 26 mins mark point. It is also a unique restaurant/bar to visit. The restaurant designer is a creative architecture who designed one of Bangkok’s famous hotels like AVANI Riverside Bangkok. After a touch of pixie dust, if you still feel like some beers, ‘Beer Belly’ is 14 mins away. As the night goes on, Sing Sing Theatre and Mixx Discotheque (opens until 3-4 am) can be another choice to complete your Bangkok nightlife tour.

Start an adventurous bike-tour around

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