Are you tired of bars and looking for another way to party in Bangkok? Party Vehicles provides you with the best way to enjoy a crazy day in Bangkok: The amazing Party Bus! Whether it is for a special occasion, such as a bachelor party, or for a simple wacky night out with friends, our Party Bus is the best way to make this party amazingly awesome! Imagine a bus trip to Pattaya, with sexy Thai ladies performing shows on a pole bar while you enjoy a nice cocktail and dance to your favorite music. That may probably be the first time you party on your way to another party!

Spice this night up with some of our several options, such as a personal DJ playing your favorite tracks over the special designed sound system, or party girls serving you drinks as much as needed to keep the party going… and many more! The party bus can host up to 30 people, that’s why it is the best vehicle for large groups looking for a way to keep the party going even in the traffic jams!
  • Party never stops with Party Bus.
    This service includes (but is not limited to):
    Passenger Capacity: 30 people max
  • Private VIP Area
  • Personal DJ (optional)
  • Sexy Bus Hostess (optional)
  • DJM 900 Pioneer 1 DVD set
  • LCD TV 42-inch plasma-screen
  • 1 LCD TV LED 21-inch screen
  • 6 LCD TV LED 10-inch screen
  • High-end speakers
  • LED lights and laser systems
  • VIP leather seats
  • Mini-bar and luxury accessories
  • Pole dance bars
    Bathroom with sink
  • Bar cooler
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