As in every city in the world, before you are on the road, it’s a MUST to have basic knowledge of the traffic rules. Therefore, in order to help you get started, here is what you should know about the traffic rules in Bangkok.

First of all, regarding safety, you always need a helmet. Even if you are sitting on the back, you will notice that Thais drive without helmet but it doesn’t mean it’s legal (or safe)! Thai police is extremely present in Bangkok You will certainly be asked to pull over if you are riding without the helmet, especially if you are a foreigner.
Regarding parking spot. It’s strictly prohibited to park on the side of main road. You can only park in the provided parking lot or in your hotel parking. Usually you will easily find parking lot near shopping malls, clubs and restaurants. There is almost no problem of scooter getting stolen in Bangkok, but, if the police take your vehicle, it’s because you park it illegally, there is a high chance you will not get it back.
Another really important rule: you have to ride on the left side of the road. As a foreigner, you will get fined if you ignore the rules.

Now that you know the most important rules to follow. Plus, it’s also good to know that as a “farang” (foreigner) there is a higher chance you get arrested for a small checking by the police. In this case, don’t worry, just follow these simple tips:
– Always stay polite and smile away, don’t forget policemen are just doing their job!

– There’s a high chance you will get fined, because you are a tourist. It’s better to speak foreign languages to the police.

– Don’t get angry, never ever, it never helps because policemen are always right. Moreover in Thailand raising the voice in an argument is extremely impolite and can lead you to bigger troubles.

– In case you have to pay a fine, most of the time the policemen will ask you to pay on the spot. If you refuse they will bring you to the nearest police station where you will waste longer time and more complicated, nevertheless, you will end up paying the fee anyways. So accept your fate and pay the fee on the  spot.

Never forget that policemen are just doing their job. Most of the time they arrest you because you do something that is against the rules. And of course, even if 10 Thai people near you drive without helmet, they will prefer to arrest you instead. So the best to do is not to argue and just pay the amount and you will get back home without any trouble.

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