Every newcomer in Bangkok ask the same question before renting a scooter for the duration of their stay: “Is it safe to ride in Bangkok?”.
Obviously, Bangkok isn’t the safest city in the world for driving. Everybody knows that. But as in every country, there are a few rules you should look on upon arrival that can help you understand how the traffic works here and make you able to drive through it.

The best way to describe Bangkok traffic is to compare it with a fish bank. Indeed, as in a fish bank the traffic can be pretty chaotic with each individual following his own mind and sometimes doing unpredictable moves, but in the same time, everyone is following the flow and it works! Therefore, here is the biggest advice we can give you on how to ride in Bangkok: follow the flow.

In Bangkok, you must drive your scooter on the left inside. This means near the sidewalk. Even if you want to overtake you must do it on the left and not on the right like in most of Europe. Still, you’ll see plenty of motorbike taxi not following this rule and overtaking by the right. It is dangerous so do not follow their example. Moreover, the fine for this kind of infraction if the police catch you is about 2500baht. So better be careful and strictly follow the law. Additionally, as of the high number of scooter riders in Bangkok the left line is often wider than usual because most car stay on the right side to let scooters drive safely. So just ride there as stated in the law and just be careful for scooters coming behind you.

As a last advice, regarding where to park your scooter. You can’t let your vehicle everywhere and you may not see a lot of bikes parked on the side on the road. You can easily find everywhere in Bangkok whole parking reserved to scooters, most of the time for free. These are the best place to park your bike with your condominium parking. However, it can be sometimes hard to find and the Thai road signs can be unclear. Therefore, we advise you to follow others example and to park where you can find he concentration of scooters. This way you’ll be sure to be fine with the law.

By following these few rules, you’ll ensure a safe and nice trip to Thailand’s capital with Rent a Scooter Bangkok.