As you probably already know, it rains a lot in Thailand during the raining season and we want to make sure that your scooter experience will not be spoiled by a sometimes-capricious weather. First of all, don’t worry, during the wet season it doesn’t rain all day, you can count on 1 or 2 hours of hard rain per day. Secondly we offer a raincoat for every scooter weekly or monthly rental, so don’t forget to ask for it!
So here are the basic rules to follow during the raining season to enjoy your trip with Rent a Scooter Bangkok as much as possible:

It’s necessary to adapt your speed when it’s raining or the road is wet, indeed the water on the road can make your scooter wheel slippery which is one of the major causes of road accident during a rainy day. Therefore, you should drive slowly and carefully. You also shall stay concentrated and adopt a flexible drive to avoid losing control of your back wheel. Speaking of speed safely, we can also advise you to choose a model of scooter with larger wheels if your trip in Bangkok is during the high peak of the raining season.

For your own security, you also shall keep a greater distance behind the driver in front of you. Indeed, as the road can be slippery, your brakes will be less effective so don’t forget to readjust your mirrors when you are about to put on break or if you need to turn the bike. In Bangkok, the use of mirrors is vital because most other scooters overtake from both sides of the road.

Another specific situation to Bangkok : Some roads can be flooded by the rain. And therefore; the water can cover the bad condition of the roads so you might be surprised by a hidden holes from time to time. Don’t panic and take control your vehicle.
We can also advise you to choose a helmet with a windshield to gain better visibility under the rain and to ensure your vision not to be obstructed by the rain. At Rent a Scooter Bangkok we provide you 2 helmets, so use them!

If you are careful and follow these few rules it will not be a problem to drive during wet season in Bangkok. The scooter is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the city of Bangkok and even if it’s raining, don’t forget that theThais drive under these conditions 6 months a year. Mostly because it’s the most convenient transportation to travel quickly in the big city and to avoid traffic jam. Therefore, do not worry too much about it and enjoy your trip with Rent a Scooter Bangkok.

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