The Best Way to deal with the Police in Thailand


The Best Way to Deal with the Police in Thailand Few rules to know before riding a scooter in Bangkok You have just arrived in Thailand and want to enjoy your stay safely without having to deal with the police when you travel by scooter ? As in every city in the world, before you hit the road, it’s a MUST to have some basic knowledge of the traffic rules. Therefore, to help you get started, here’s what you need to know about traffic rules.  One thing that may have struck you upon arriving in the capital is the abundance of scooters on the roads. And for most of these drivers, helmets seem optional. However, this is our first recommendation: make sure you wear a helmet for your safety, even if you are sitting in the back seat. Indeed, even if the Thais seem to ride without any protection, it does not mean that it is legal (or safe!). The police are extremely present and you will certainly be asked to stop if you drive without a helmet, especially if you are a foreigner, so be careful with that. Another obvious but important point to remember : remember to drive on the left side of the road. Even as a foreigner, you will be fined if you do not respect the direction of the road. You have reached your destination ? Some tips for parking ! Let’s move on to the issue of parking. The first thing to know is that it is strictly forbidden to park on the side of the main road. You can only park in the designated parking lot or in the parking lot of your hotel.  In general, you can easily find parking near shopping centers, clubs and restaurants. There is almost no problem with scooter theft, but if the police take your vehicle because you park it illegally, there are really few chances to get it back.   Congratulations, you are now in possession of the basic knowledge of driving in Thailand ! Still, we highly recommend that you continue reading this article to ride a scooter safely and make the most of your stay in the capital. A few more advices and you’re good to go! Indeed, it’s also good to know that as a “farang” (foreigner) there are more chances you will be stopped by the police for a small control. In this case, don’t worry, just follow these tips : – Always be polite and smile, don’t forget that the police is only doing its job! – Unfortunately, as a tourist, there is a good chance that you will be fined, simply because you are a foreigner. Avoid panicking and speaking in your language (which is probably foreign to them). If you can, it is recommended to try to translate what you want to say. – Don’t get angry, ever, it is useless because the police is always right. Moreover it is extremely impolite to raise your voice during an argument, which can get you into more trouble. – If you have to pay a fine, most of the time you will be asked to pay it on the spot. If you refuse, you will be taken to the nearest police station, where you will lose more time with a complicated process, and will still end up paying the fine. So accept your fate and pay the tax on the spot. – Most of the time, the Thai police arrest you for doing something that is against the rules. And of course, even if 10 Thais near you are driving without helmets, they will prefer to stop you instead. So the best thing to do is not to argue, pay the amount due and go home safely.   And now, the most exciting part : choosing your scooter for the trip !

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