Safety rules to adopt in case of rain

How to Survive the Rainy Season in Bangkok on your scooter ! You booked a scooter during the rainy season ? Don’t worry ! Everything is planned, you are ready to leave for Thailand and to take full advantage of this new adventure with your scooter. But, you learn that your fabulous trip is actually during the rainy season ! Don’t panic, breathe in and out and take the time to read this article about our best advice to live this period at best, which remains, trust us on this, a very good time to discover this fabulous country. Let’s start by quickly going over some details of this rainy season. First of all, don’t be fooled by the name, during the rainy season it doesn’t rain all day, most of the time you can count on only 1 or 2 hours of heavy rain per day. Eventually you will be able to predict when it will rain (the sky darkens and a wind starts to blow), and you will find that it is often in the late afternoon or evening. Last but not least, the monsoon season is usually between May and October (September and October being the rainiest months). To make sure that your scooter experience is not spoiled by the sometimes capricious weather, we offer you a raincoat for every weekly or monthly scooter rental, so don’t forget to ask for it, we will be happy to provide it !   Follow these few rules and you’ll be fine ! Let’s move on to some basic rules to follow during the rainy season to make the most of your trip with Rent a Scooter Bangkok : It is necessary to adjust your speed when it is raining or the road is wet because water on the road can make your scooter wheels slippery which is one of the main causes of road accidents on a rainy day. Therefore, you should drive slowly and carefully.  You should also stay focused and drive smoothly to avoid losing control of your rear wheel. Speaking of careful speed, we can also advise you to choose a scooter model with larger wheels if your trip to Bangkok takes place during the high peak of the rainy season. You’re almost there… For your own safety, you should also keep a greater distance behind the driver in front of you. Because the road can be slippery, your brakes will be less effective, so remember to readjust your mirrors when you are about to brake or if you need to turn the bike. In Bangkok, the use of mirrors is vital because most other scooters pass on both sides of the road. Another situation specific to Bangkok is that some roads can be flooded by rain. As a result, water can cover the poor condition of the roads and you may be surprised by hidden holes from time to time. Do not panic and take control of your vehicle. We can also advise you to choose a helmet with a windshield to have a better visibility in the rain and so that your vision is not obstructed by the rain. At Rent a Scooter Bangkok, we provide you with 2 helmets, so use them ! You’re now ready to hit the roads in Thailand, despite the rainy season ! You’re finally ready to hit the road on your scooter ! If you are careful and follow these few rules, there will be no problem driving during the rainy season in Bangkok. The scooter is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the city of Bangkok and even if it rains, remember that Thais drive in these conditions 6 months a year. This is mainly because it is the most convenient way to get around the big city quickly and to avoid traffic jams.  Therefore, don’t worry too much about it and enjoy your trip with Rent a Scooter Bangkok !

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