The Best Scooter Driving Lesson in Bangkok

Why You Should Take Scooter Driving Lesson if you Want to Ride in Bangkok


As you must know, Bangkok has one of the worst traffic in the world and getting from places to places is very arduous. Indeed, public transports are very complicated in the capital and getting in a taxi can get very expansive – what’s more you’ll lose so much time in there.

That is why, driving a scooter in Bangkok is the best and cheapest mean of transport as it can take you places to places even when there is traffic. However, many people also think that riding a scooter in Bangkok is the best way to drive – which is why you will need to feel comfortable when riding a scooter.

At Rent a Scooter Bangkok we will guide you step by step to help you get more and more confident while driving. Indeed, we think that before getting in the traffic of Bangkok you should have the opportunity to gain confidence on the scooter. We offer different programs of scooter driving lesson according to your level.


Our Offer of Scooter Driving Lesson


During your scooter driving lesson, you will be trained by Ben which has been on a scooter since he’s 12 years old. With 30 years of experience on all types of motorbikes such as scooters but also big bikes for road trip, your new scooter teacher will be there to help you get more and more comfortable on an automatic or manual scooter. Moreover, you’ll also benefit of tips and advices very useful when driving in Bangkok !

We offer 2 types of driving classes :

1. Automatic Scooter Class

You’ll begin your scooter driving lesson by riding on a Honda Click or Snoopy, or on a Yamaha Fino 125 which are standard light models ideal to start with and get confident on a motorcycle. Indeed, you’ll do the fundamental exercises and once you’ll have control of the scooter, you’ll continue the driving lesson on a PCX 150cc which is a more stable but heavier model.

After being able to drive an automatic scooter, you can continue to take driving classes for manual bikes with us.

2. Manual Bike Class

If you already know how to drive an automatic scooter, we also offer manual bike class. During these lessons, you’ll be learning to shift gears first on a Honda MSX 125 to gain confidence. Once you’re more confident, we’ll offer you to try your new skills on a Kawazaki 250SL and even on a Kawazaki Versys 650cc.

What You Will be Learning During your Driving Classes with Us


During your scooter driving lesson you will always feel safe with Ben. Indeed, if it’s your first time in scooter, don’t worry you’ll learn to be more comfortable and be able to ride at ease. Ben will help you learn to drive the scooter step by step at your own pace. The driving classes will take place in a residential street, quiet and far from the crazy traffic of the capital eventhough it’s in the center of Bangkok.

For the first lessons on an automatic scooter, you’ll be on the scooter with Ben so that he can help you appreciate the amount of acceleration needed. Then once you’ll know how to handle the acceleration, Ben will still be there to let you do it by yourself while still be there to manage the handlebar. Then once you’ll be comfortable with the acceleration and the handlebar, Ben will let you ride alone on the scooter, while being behind you if you need any help.

If you already know how to drive an automatic scooter and you want to learn how to drive a manual bike, Ben will help you to get confident shifting gears on the bike. However, as the manual bikes are more complicated models, please bring sneakers rather than flip flop, so that you will be at ease when shifting gears.

The goal of our driving lesson is to help you get experimented and comfortable with the scooters. Ben will be there for you to help you get more confident on the scooter and give you useful tips you will need when driving in Bangkok ! With the advices of Ben – a well-experimented rider which had many years of teaching driving to hundreds of new riders, you will be sure to be in the best mindset possible when riding in Bangkok.

So if you want to ride in Bangkok but still are hesitant to jump in with both feet, just give us a call !

We’ll be happy to help you get on a scooter and ride as you were born for it.

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