About Us
14 Nov 2019


Rent a Scooter Bangkok offers scooter rental services in Bangkok (Thailand). After staying a short time in Bangkok, everyone can note that the city is crowded and it is always under traffic jam. Based on this statement, we have decided to act and find a solution to help people moving in Bangkok with our motorbike. Strong for many years of experiences in riding bikes in Bangkok, we knew that scooters are the best solution to move fast and cheap in the city. This is how we decided to start a scooter rental activity. Our mission is thus to offer scooters for rent with the best service, at any time and at the cheapest rental price. Our vision is to be a company offering freedom, safety, saving in time and money to people in Bangkok. Our offer is daily, weekly and monthly scooter rentals and we provide helmet and third party insurance.


You can call us anytime shall you have question or need of help. If we can do anything to make your trip, we will make it happen. We are a family business aiming to provide convenience, safety and help to our customer.


RASB managers got 25 + years’ experience with scooters and big bikes. We take care of our scooters as if we were using them and much better. We can advise which scooter would be the most appropriate for you based on your needs and requirements.


RASB offer the largest choices of scooter models in Bangkok. Whatever you are looking for, we got it for you! Ranging from automatic scooters and 3 wheelers to big bikes, contact us and we will have the right bike for you!


Every scooter rental company in Bangkok have a simple rules, at the end of the rental period, you need to bring back the scooter at the same time you collected it. Imagine you agree renting a scooter for 1 day, if you take it on Monday at 10am, and you rent it for one day you will have to bring it back on Tuesday 10am. If you bring it on Tuesday at 6pm, they will charge you 2 full days. At RASB, if you rent your scooter on Monday 10am you can bring it back anytime the following day (Tuesday 6pm) and we will charge for one day only! We count the nights spent with you, so for a daily rental, this is half price as any other scooter rental company in Bangkok (and in Thailand) and for longer term rental, you will automatically get 1 free day or rental.


RASB is the number one scooter rental since 2010, when it opened its door. #1 scooter rental in term of opening date, park size, reputation and quality service. Since 2010, more than 4,000 customers trusted us with their rental.


With our team of international managers (Thai, French, Indian, German) we are used to deal with foreigner customers whatever the nationality or the language. We also have our website in Chinese, Korean, Russian and Japanese and have no issue with non-English speakers.


We are buying mostly brand new scooters (always under 10,000 mileage) and our scooter park is renewed every year to offer the best quality scooters to our clients. A complete check-up is done to each scooter between each rental.


As you might have noticed, our shop is located right in Bangkok heart, on Sukhumvit soi 26, which makes it very convenient for the customer to find us and get to our shop quickly at no high cost. Our shop is accessible in 15 minutes from any major Bangkok location. You can call us when you are in the taxi or mototaxi, we will explain them in Thai how to reach our shop if you encounter any issue. You can also find our map access and explanation in Thai on our website (contact us section)


When customers come to our shop, we take time to discuss all scooter requirements scooter with them but we also advise them on the places to see in Bangkok and in Thailand. We sometimes end up doing a travel agency job but we love Bangkok and love to share our knowledge about it!


Our job is not an ordinary shop! You will be greeted upon arrivals by our service minded staff in a traditional Thai house, with a splendid green garden where cats, birds, squirrels and even a small jack Russel dog wonder around, you won’t believe being in Bangkok! Our knowledgeable staff will take great care of your and answer all your questions until you’re ready to ride safely!


Our goal is to provide the best customer service to get repeated business on the long run. For that purpose, we always take the best care of the customers and we are totally against the companies that charges you expensive when you return the scooter because of scratches (Many in Thailand). We do not even keep your passport, just a copy is enough, so you can enjoy your ride with total freedom of mind!